Work has taken place for several years to reduce our impact on the environment and will continue to develop for the decades to come.

Using a highly experienced local environmental strategy partner Hut22, Environmental audits are underway at both sites and realistic reductions of our CO2 will be based on these as key business objectives and form a key facet of our business strategy.

Works undertaken so far to reduce energy consumption and waste production are:

  • Steam and energy recycling from plant and equipment
  • Electric car fleet roll out
  • Solar panel installation at our Gloucester site to reduce external electricity consumption by 40%
  • Exchanging plastic twist wrapping on our Jakemans lozenges to compostable material
  • Bio microbial energy production from waste lozenges at Jakemans site
  • Tree planting in the Boston area
  • Commuting reduction using remote working


  • Zero landfill policy for all waste produced at Gloucester site using a new recycling partner (June 2022)
  • Solar panel farm at our Jakemans site to reduce external electricity consumption by 50% (planning permission pending, October 2022)
  • Further energy recycling of plant and equipment at both sites
  • Tree planting in the Gloucester area
  • Cycle to work scheme support for all applicable staff

Sustainability at a glance

We've collated our sustainability activity into a handy infographic that you can download and share. So it's easy to see what we're doing and where we're going. We're sure you'll agree we've made some great investments and achievements so far, and there are plenty of exciting developments to come too.

Download our Environmental Infographic