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  • Olbas pack shot


    Olbas has been part of the Lane family for over 50 years and we're proud to have made it a household name in the UK and a firm favourite for families across the country. Always read the label.

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  • Jakemans pack shot


    A piece of British heritage established since 1907, Jakemans menthol lozenges are an iconic UK brand.

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  • Kalms pack shot


    Our herbal stress and sleeplessness range has been used by millions around the world to help them get through whatever life throws at them. Always read the label.

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  • Pro Plus pack shot

    Pro Plus

    Using targeted marketing Lanes has been busy unlocking the potential of this iconic brand. With growth in awareness it is going from strength to strength. Pro Plus Caffeine Tablets are for the relief of temporary tiredness. Always read the label.

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  • GOPO® pack shot

    GOPO® Joint Health

    Made from 100% specially cultivated natural rosehip and is the only product of its kind to contain a high level of GOPO®.

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  • BlueIron pack shot


    A relative newcomer to the Lanes family BlueIron is the perfect fit to our portfolio, balancing naturally sourced ingredients with scientific innovation.

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  • Earex pack shot


    Earex provides consumers with a respected, effective solution for common ear problems. Always read the label.

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  • Sarakan pack shot


    Bringing the natural extract of the toothbrush tree to a dental care range so that consumers can enjoy its benefits in ways that fit their everyday lifestyle.

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  • Teangi pack shot

    Teangi Tea Tree

    Tea Tree Oil is famous for its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which is why we use this ingredient in each of our Teangi products. Always read the label.

    Discover Teangi Tea Tree
  • Olbas
  • Jakemans
  • Kalms
  • Pro Plus
  • GOPO®
  • BlueIron
  • Earex
  • Sarakan
  • Teangi

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