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BlueIron wins an award!

BlueIron has been chosen as a winner in the Wellness category in Vegan Beauty awards. 

Not only has it won, but BlueIron has been given a glowing review from the Vegan Beauty Award CEO:

“I cannot emphasise enough how excited I am about the existence of this product!

It is truly a game-changer, providing a flawless solution for fulfilling your daily iron requirements. It goes beyond perfection with its remarkable benefits. Not only does it have a delightful taste, but it is also gentle on the stomach, unlike most other iron supplements, and is quickly absorbed by the body. It is not only a blessing for vegans who may struggle to find suitable sources of iron, but it also helps everyone combat fatigue, increase energy levels, and support the immune system's function, among many other advantages.

Personally, I noticed a significant difference in a short period of time, not only in terms of my energy levels but also in how vibrant and healthy I appeared on the outside. My hair and nails felt stronger and grew faster, and my complexion became brighter and more radiant. Moreover, in addition to its extensive array of benefits, it proves to be an excellent choice for children. Speaking as a parent, I can confidently confirm that kids readily accept this supplement, unlike other alternatives I've experimented with previously. Its delightful flavour and effortless intake make it a hassle-free method to guarantee your little ones obtain the essential iron for their healthy growth and development.

In all, I wholeheartedly endorse this revolutionary supplement. Once you experience the incredible positive effects it has on your overall well-being, you'll become just as hooked as I am!”

- Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Beauty Awards


A Vegan Beauty Award is a mark of distinction. Having a seal of approval and winning award indicates that we have met their programs high standards, resonating with consumers as a sign of quality and excellence in the vegan beauty industry. 


Find out more about BlueIron here

18th January 2024

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