Community and charity support

We have been part of our community for more than 80 years. We understand the role companies like ours can play in supporting the people and families around us.

Over the last year two-thirds of our community contribution has gone into local charities and the remainder into sponsoring local groups like Gloucester Rugby Community Department.

The Gilbert Lane Trust

The Gilbert Lane Trust

The Lane family established the Gilbert Lane Trust in memory of our founder. The Trust supports charities throughout England and Wales, with special emphasis on Gloucestershire and Lincolnshire (the founder’s home county and home of Jakemans (Confectioners) Ltd).

Janet Groves meeting Gary Little, Community Manager, Gloucester Rugby

Gloucester Rugby wheelchair rugby programme

We are pleased to sponsor the Gloucester Rugby wheelchair rugby programme which was launched in February 2014. This helps disabled people to get active and involved in the sport, with the aim of establishing adult and junior teams.

In addition, outreach sessions are run to introduce wheelchair rugby to schools across Gloucestershire.



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